We Are Clayton Magazine Feature

Christina featured in We Are Clayton magazine

Christina was featured in the We Are Clayton magazine.

Known for her Blue Velvet Cake at Café Good Spot, Christina Cummings, a native of Atlanta and now a resident of Clayton County, says her “business is all about relationships.” Whether you’re already a customer or are walking in for the first time, Christina will welcome you with a smile and may already know your “usual”. Cummings says, “I spent over thirteen years in restaurant management for several corporate chains and decided to change career paths in 2009. I worked at Georgia State University in Student Affairs . . . and a layoff led to my opening my business. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me! I not only gained the confidence and skills . . . I now have a chance to follow my passion for serving people, and my restaurant is the perfect place to share my gifts with the community.” Christina says her passion for people led her to this industry: “I love people, and the social nature of food has allowed me to literally meet people from all walks of life. From political leaders to county employees, food touches everyone’s life. Being able to offer a superior product at an attractive price point gives me the opportunity to build great relationships.”

But supporting her community through food is not Cummings’ only passion; she also volunteers regularly for several charitable causes: “I volunteer regularly with my daughter’s school . . . I also volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association . . . Later this year, I am looking to start a program aimed at helping students nurture their ideas about becoming entrepreneurs.” She insists that her “best skills have been gained through volunteer service to the community.